Company dedicated to forest exploitation and manufacture of treated wood for outdoor use.

More than 25 years of experience in the sector guarantee us.

Especially sensitized with the quality of the product, it makes a commitment to improvement and implementation of specific quality systems for treated wood, carrying out the CTB-B+ certification, guaranteeing the quality of the product.

Pursues differentiation and positioning to be able to offer the market wood products that are durable and non-degradable by organisms, as a natural process after the passage of time, specializing in the treatment of wood and wood products to offer the market sufficient guarantees. as synonymous with quality.


Aware of and consistent with the need for sustainable forestry development, the company currently has the PEFC chain of custody certification.

Sensitized with the environment, it carries out the study of the carbon footprint in order to calculate the potential contribution of the treated wood poles to global warming expressed as CO2 by quantifying all the emissions and removals of Greenhouse Gases (GHG). ) significant during the life cycle of the product.


The use of wood in the present is one of the main means of combating climate change, precisely because it is a store of CO2.